Families and individuals can pick fresh fruit every week from May through October most years. Our season begins with strawberries at Cherrywood Farm in late May.  Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches and apples follow throughout the summer.  Some picking seasons are very short, many overlap, so follow us on Facebook for updates.

Common schedule for pick-your-own is as follows:

Strawberries                             May 20 - June 25

Blueberries                               June 25- July 15

Blackberries                             July 5 - August 15

Peaches                                    July 15 - August 25

Apples                                      August 25- October 31


All u-pick, except apples, is at Cherrywood Farm, a half mile north of Ditzler Orchard. Check the Ditzler Orchard Facebook page for up to date reports on offerings during the harvest season..